It doesn’t matter who you ask, some people will tell you that using part-worn tires can be a fantastic way of saving some money while the other side of the argument maintain that it is a very risky game. Experts believe that at some point in their life up to 4 million drivers have bought part-worn tyres, if this is correct then apart from the obvious implications involved there are some other concerns that need to be addressed before deciding if part-worn tyres are worth investing in.


Depending on who you ask, part-worn tyres can either be a great money saving method or a very risky game and you can also find injection pump and diesel parts. According to tyre experts, over 4 million drivers a year are buying tyres that have previously been used on another vehicle and one in six drivers have bought part-worn items at some point. Apart from the safety implications, there are other concerns that drivers using part-worn tyres might face so this post has been put together to help you decide if buying part-worn tyres are worth it for your car in the long run.

There are a variety of things that need to be considered before buying part-worn tyres. If you are insistent that part-worn tyres are when you want, then the first thing to consider is buying a popular brand. This way at least you know that you are buying from a brand with a good reputation and that it’ll be constructed to a high standard. You should also consider buying used tyres in pairs, this way you can get two tyres on the same axle that should match, click to read more about cars.

Things to look out for

Tread depth – The first thing to consider when buying used tires is the tread depth. If the tyre has been hardly used, then you should get lots of mileage from it, but if the shoulders are worn or uneven then the tyre might be on their last legs leaving you to spend money on another pair in the near future. Most tyre experts advice you to replace your tyres when the tread depth reaches 3mm. If you are going to be buying part-worn tyres, you should make sure that the tread depth is over 5mm. If not, you are better off purchasing a new one. If an unfortunate accident caused by such ever happens, it’s best to hire a reputable auto accident attorney to help you it in the legal side of the situation.

Sidewall damage – The next important check is the sidewall of all new tyres. It the tyre has come off a car that had been in a car accident, then there is a high possibility that the tyres may have been compromised in the incident. You should check for any cuts, scrapes or loose rubber on the sidewalls ad this could potentially damage the tyre’s construction or lead to problems in other parts of the car. Unfortunate victims of such accidents can also call on professionals like the ones from Mike Morse to help settle the case.

Tips for buying

  • Buy for a reputable seller
  • Find out as much history about the tyre as you can
  • Buy a recognised brand
  • Buy in pair
  • Check the tread depth, tyre pressure and for signs of wear and tear
  • If in doubt, don’t buy


To conclude, if you have the option of purchasing new tyres you definitely should. Every new tyre set comes with a predetermined lifespan, so you can track its progress and recognise when it is time to be replace, if in the other hand you are looking for a whole new car, check here for Conklin Chevrolet Newton. Buying part-worn tyres mean that unless the seller has been completely honest with you, you will not be able to tell how far along your used tyre is on the lifespan and how long it’s got left. If you are absolutely set on buying part-worn tyres, then you should follow these easy tips to give yourself the best chance of getting a good deal.