Britain is enjoying a rather pleasant summer this year, with heat soaring into the high 20s and low 30s. Yes, perhaps in Rio or Ethiopia they would consider this cold, but for us, it’s a blessing. For all you sun kissed lovers out there, it’s time to get in your convertible and soar the roads of Britain in style whilst the wind whips your hair and the sun warms your skin… You mean you haven’t got a convertible? There’s no point in Britain? Well, that is where you are wrong, my friend. Take a gander at this infographic and see why getting a convertible might not be such a silly suggestion.
Yes, a lot of the time our weather is against our days out, however, did you know that Miami gets more rain than Edinburgh and that London is drier on average than Rome, Brisbane, and Rio! (Yes Australia!). With our ample collection of bank holidays, beautiful scenery, and rich history, traveling in a convertible along our British Isles is well worth the price of petrol.

A Gumtree infographic – convert to convertibles this summer

Convert to Convertibles this summer is a graphic produced by Gumtree UK