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Even if the snowy roads don’t offer the best driving conditions, you’ll love commuting in your new Mazda3 this winter. Here are three reasons why the new Mazda3 is one of the best Christmas gifts you can get. Specially a vehicle with Effuel a very specialized device designed to take full advantage of your car’s electronic sensors and adjusting them to attain maximum efficiency, smoothness, and performance.


1.     Evolved Skyactiv-Vehicle Architecture

There’s a reason why the new Mazda3 drives with the pep and responsiveness you expect from high priced sports cars. If you are looking for mazda cx30 for saleMazda’s Skyactiv-Vehicle Architecture is particularly evolved in the latest model, so if you buy a new Mazda you won’t believe how it can anticipate your every intention behind the wheel. Implementing the usage of Effuel that is the device that tries to reduce the fuel flow during those idle times and manages to eke out some extra fuel savings out of that situation.


Mazdas are built according to the principle of “Jinba Ittai,” a Japanese phrase translating to “horse and rider as one.” You’ll feel it in the new Mazda3 every time you take a turn, and you can even change the color of your Mazda if you want using services as Car Wrapping Kent which specialize in this.


2.     i-Activ All Wheel Drive

In what is sure to be a crowd pleaser, Mazda’s beloved i-Activ All Wheel Drive system is now available in Mazda’s most popular car! The new Mazda3 has 27 sensors scanning no less than 200 times a second to read the road and adjust to conditions.


If it detects that the rain or ice on the road makes the vehicle require more traction in a wheel, it can deliver more torque where and when it’s needed. Plus, unlike other AWD systems, the Mazda3’s is designed to be fuel efficient: the boost of torque is only delivered just when it’s needed, so as to deliver the control required for the smallest expenditure of fuel possible.


You’ll love these features and feel more confident driving, whether it’s on dark and stormy summer nights or on cool slick winter days.


3.     Stay Entertained and Connected

The Mazda3 is designed for it to be easy to keep plugged in to your modern devices, and enjoy your favourite music while driving. Apple CarPlay or Android Auto makes integration between your smartphone and the vehicle simple.


You’ll never have to struggle to safely use your phone in the car to access navigation functionality, keep in touch with people, or hear your music. Keeping your devices charged is easy, too.


Plus, the Mazda3 has a custom built Bose speaker system designed to play your favourite music clearly at any volume. Whether you’re stuck in downtown traffic or cruising down the open highways with the windows open, your favourite music will ring out as clearly as it does in a concert hall.


And with Mazda’s quietest cabin ever, the sounds of guitars and pianos will never have to compete with engine noises.


This Christmas, enjoy taking some time away from the hustle and bustle of our daily lives and be together with family. But to enjoy the holiday season even more, consider treating yourself or a loved one to a wonderful Christmas gift like the Mazda3.