Going with a bare minimum of insurance for your vehicle might end you up paying much more out of your pocket in a situation of an accident or a calamity. Therefore, you need to ensure that you are not an underinsured driver. Using Tjenestetorget as your car insurance calculator can help you easily compare the offerings of several insurance companies while ensuring that the figures are accurate for you, visit https://forbrukerguiden.no/bilforsikring-kalkulator/ for more details.

Get enough coverage to cover your assets

One of the most popular thumb rules to assure sufficient protection is to get enough insurance coverage to protect the total amount of assets that you possess. It may include, for instance, your investments, savings, and value of your house.


This prevents you against a situation where your coverage amount isn’t adequate to cover any form of damages, and ultimately, the burden falls on your assets to compensate for the amount. Also, keep shopping around for dr10 car insurance quote as it will help you to secure the best rates for the coverage.

Be smart with the comprehensive coverage

Comprehensive coverage protects you form from the costs of unexpected emergencies, including explosions, damage caused by falling objects or fire, windstorms, floods, hail, contact with animals. Want to learn more about insurance and claims, we have it explained thoroughly here. It also offers compensation when a car is stolen or any other damages. It is important that people talk to their agents about their coverage before you take up a car insurance.


If you stay in places that are prone to natural calamities or have a high incidence of cars being stolen, securing comprehensive insurance will be a smart choice. Keep your vehicle checked continuously. Your car insurance can be voided by the provider if there is a lack of upkeep.

Protect yourself against underinsured or uninsured drivers

This significant and often required component of coverage protects one from uninsured or underinsured drivers at fault during an accident. This indicates a situation when the drivers do not have enough coverage to provide for damages rendered by the accident.


This provision is also very much applicable if you are a victim of a hit-and-run accident. It is one of the utmost crucial aspects of insurance as most of the drivers are inadequately insured, which in turn, increases their burden to bear the costs of accidents.

Check health insurance before choosing medical expenses coverage

Medical insurance covers the charges of treatment of your own, a pedestrian’s or passenger’s injury following an accident. Usually, it also offers compensatory provisions for lost wages. This coverage doesn’t cost you much and is very useful in the situation of a crash.


Before going for this insurance, one needs to check the extent of health insurance policy and any disability coverage that you already possess. This will help you decide on how much of the auto insurance coverage is required for your situation.

Don’t go without collision coverage

Collision coverage insures your vehicle against an accident with another vehicle or an object such as a tree, or a road sign. This is an optional coverage that is sold with a deductible. Therefore, the higher the deductible you choose, the lower the premium will be.


In case you have new drivers in the house, this coverage can prove a wise choice. It will provide coverage against any bumps that may occur while learning to drive. Also if your car is less than ten years old and you can’t budget the repairs, this insurance can be a great help.