Known not only for his charm and success with pretty girls and sensual women, or his martini ‘’shaken, not stirred’’, our favourite superspy Mr James Bond himself has driven a number of cars since the release of the first of the 007 movies. And let us not forget about the cars driven by his girlfriends and enemies either.


The first Bond car, from the 1962 film ‘Dr No’, a British made Sunbeam Alpine set the scene for many others to come over the years. Like so many times in every movie that followed, our spy takes us on a journey that includes hairraising chases and getting rid of the bad ones.

Aston Martin

Since its first appearance in ‘Goldfinger’, and subsequently in a number of the Bond films, the Aston Martin has become in many ways synonymous with our hero’s style and class and may be the most iconic car of them all. The Aston Martin DB5 is also seen in movies such as ‘Thunderball’, ‘GoldenEye’, ‘Tomorrow Never Dies’, ‘Casino Royale’ – also in the last two, ‘Skyfall’ and ‘Spectre’. The Aston Martin DB 10 in ‘Spectre’ was specifically designed for the movie. Who remembers the Aston Martin DBS V12 from ‘Quantum of Solace’?

The Lotus

The 1977 film ‘The Spy who Loved Me’ is the first to feature the Lotus, the Esprit S1. It takes us on great adventures with Bond as he tackles the enemy with cannons spraying cement on to the cars chasing him; sprayed black dye and torpedoes from the front grill further made the S1 a frightening prospect for Bond’s enemies. From 1981 we have ‘For your Eyes Only’ and the Lotus Turbo Esprit which is remembered for its great security system.


Featuring different models in the Bond series, BMW has made its ‘Bond mark’. Think back to the BMW Z3 in ‘GoldenEye’, the 750iL in ‘Tomorrow Never Dies’ and the Z8 in ‘The World is not Enough’ from 1999. Famous for its ability to fire ground to air missiles and being controlled remotely from a key chain.


Bond himself rarely drives one, but the car makes many appearances in the movie series, right from ‘Goldfinger’ to ‘Casino Royale’. Think of the Mustang, the Thunderbird and Fairlane 500 Skyliner form ‘Die Another Day’ and the Fastback as well as convertible models.

Iconic Status

Not only the actors right from Sean Connery to Daniel Craig, or 007 himself, have gained iconic status – the cars and their features too have become associated with the greatest superspy of all time.

Several of the classic ‘Bond cars’ can be picked up relatively affordably. For example, the BMW Z3’s are easy to find sub-£2000 in the UK market! So what are you waiting for? Sell my car and upgrade to one of the classics and let out your inner bond!