Knowing how to change tires and perform a tire repair is a must have skill for all drivers – it comes in handy in case an emergency arises. In addition to emergency situations, tire change and semi truck tire repair skills also help during tire repair procedures, especially when you are considering changing your nissan tires, which you can order from a nissan dealership and various tire sale shops. The procedure is not tedious at all and on average takes about 15 minutes for a single tire – but it requires a little bit of practice. However, that’s for a simple car, if you own something a bit more complicated like a 4×4 truck or an off-road vehicle, you may want to hire a mechanic who knows how to do a precise Off Roading Vehicle Repair.

There are specific tools needed to help you during the rehvivahetus. These tools are usually allocated a special compartment in the car boot. If the items were stolen from the car or lost, they can easily be purchased from automobile stores at an affordable cost. It is mandatory to always have these tools kept in the car, not at home. Just as any other tools, they should always be kept clean, free from mud and rust for longer use. When they start to wear out, they should be replaced.

Lug Wrench

It is either an L shaped or X shaped wrench having sockets that match the nut size on car wheels. The nuts are loosened by use of the lug wrench in a clockwise direction. It should be noted that unscrewing the nuts and Industrial Washers requires a considerable amount of energy. Keep the nuts and washers removed in a safe place.


This is a tool used to lift a car off the ground so that the tire can easily be removed after removing the nuts. It is placed under the car near tire that is going to be replaced. A hand crank connected to the jack is used to expand the jack in the process lifting the car above the ground to your desired height.

Spare Tire

This is a reserve tire that is kept in the car boot for replacement of the damaged or the tire that has been removed for any other reason. If you don’t have a spare tire, visit a Tire shop and get one immediately. To be ready for the procedure, it should be removed and placed near the damaged one. If you don’t have one and need roadside assistance, you should contact a car tow dublin service.


It is not mandatory to have gloves but they come in handy for hygiene purpose. The puncture can happen on a highway without water to wash off the dirt from the replacement procedure, or on your way to office, or it could be just be muddy. Having gloves on you, will definitely assist in maintaining your clean look.


A torch is used to provide flashlight to make the changing process fast and efficient. It comes in handy when the replacement is being done at night in a place with poor illumination. It lights the scene.

Wheel wedge or a large rock

This wedge block can be in form of wood or large rock big enough to stop movement of wheels. Its main purpose is to prevent other wheels from rolling over during the change process. Usually is placed on the other pair of tires which are being replaced. If you are replacing the front tire, two wedges should be placed on the rear tires.